Hyundai Mobis

The recent shifts of trends in the global auto industry call upon not only companies but also individuals and countries to take on new challenges and drive innovation. Steering the winds of change, MOBIS strives to become the leader in future automotive technology. To introduce original products which have evolved from converging modules and electronics, MOBIS has dedicated its full capacity to developing a variety of cutting edge technologies, and at the same time, has made sure to secure self-reliance using our core proprietary technology. In addition, they seek to enhance the technological competitiveness of eco-friendly core parts to the extent of leading the global marketplace.

Management Philosophy

Realize the dreams of mankind by creating a new future through ingenious thinking and unfailingly challenging new frontiers.

Innovation for Humanity, Mobility for Tomorrow

Boundless Responsibility

Hyundai Motor Group stands committed to the conscientious and successful operation of its business, placing a strong emphasis on responsibility towards all stakeholders. This overarching commitment is further exemplified by their steadfast efforts to not only meet but exceed customer expectations through the delivery of products renowned for their exceptional quality.

Realizing Potential

The defiant spirit of Hyundai Motor Group, which refuses to be comfortable & complacent, and never fears failure, has made the impossible possible and has become its ability to succeed. They strive to steadily grow and develop together with all employees, suppliers, and the community by equipping themselves with upright entrepreneurship and the pioneer spirit that has been the fertile soil that has fostered their remarkable growth.

Embodying Humanity

The foremost objectives and the highest value of business management lie in practicing love for mankind. They made endless efforts to improve the quality of life across human society by providing the highest quality products and services. In doing so, they strive to proceed as a business that makes great contributions to the global community getting earnestly involved in tackling environmental issues.

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