Outreach Programs

KMI’s expanding programs emphasize the importance of effective business and public management. We are targeting business people, legislators, academicians, government experts, students, and others who have an interest in U.S.-Korea relations.

GW October Global Entrepreneurship Conference

The annual GW October Entrepreneurship Conference will serve as the main, on-campus forum for the KMI each year. At this event, KMI delegates will not only meet, but will recognize extraordinary individuals and organizations that have contributed significantly to the US-Korea relations. The Institute will be principally involved in planning of the conference and will integrate Korean scholars, students and business professionals into the agenda. This event will be a key time of the year to promote programming, develop and maintain important relationships, and to reach important Korean media outlets.

KMI Executive Development Cohorts

Throughout the year, KMI will bring together distinguished business leaders and business scholars to exchange ideas and participate in executive development programs. Cohort offerings, both in DC and abroad, will be structured to include self-analysis, structured feedback, discussion of case studies, and a group project. The Institute will work with individual companies, trade organizations, and other key industry groups to develop programs of current interest.

Dr. Yoon-shik Park, Professor of International Business, welcomes delegates from South Korea to GWSB

KMI Executive Director, Dr. Paul Swiercz, welcomes delegates from South Korea