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The Korean Management Institute (KMI) at The George Washington University School of Business (GWSB) brings together a wide range of business people, policy makers, academicians, government experts, students, and others who have an interest in U.S.- Korea relations. Their interaction with the Institute through a portfolio of diverse programs – classes, workshops, international exchange, executive education, and research – will enrich their professional experience and contribute to a greater understanding of U.S.-Korea relations. The Institute’s programs will support efforts to structure an ongoing positive dialogue between the two countries. By virtue of its location in the heart of Washington, DC, the Institute is positioned to directly influence policy makers, and particularly the large contingent of english speaking Korean media in the Washington DC metro area. In the two years since the U.S.-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS) has been in effect, South Korea has become the sixth- largest trading partner of the United States, exports of U.S. manufactured goods to South Korea have increased, South Koreans are buying more U.S. services than ever, and U.S. exports of a wide range of agricultural products have seen significant gains. (Source: Embassy of the USA, Seoul, South Korea) Through its research and expertise, KMI will seek to build a platform that promotes US-Korea relations around the world. The Institute is a forum for exploring these issues thoroughly and positively. Institute graduates and participants will be strongly motivated and better informed to meet new and exciting opportunities as it relates to US-South Korea economic relations. (Source: Office of the United States Trade Representative)

Korean Management Institution

Innovation is our tradition.


Provide a platform for research on key current issues by leveraging a strong international network and a diverse interdisciplinary agenda that is actively promoted through internal and external communications.


At the Korean Management Institute, we offer cutting-edge, first-rate executive development seminars and programming that are highly interactive and feature an integrative approach to program design.


Support rigorous and academically challenging study abroad and online programs, developed and delivered by the Korean Management Institute faculty and staff, for students around the world.

Executive Education
KMI offers open-enrollment management development programs, seminars and custom-designed programs. The Institute works with individual companies, trade organizations, and other industry groups to develop state of the art programs of current interest.

Research Agenda
The Institute aims to expand knowledge and solve important problems through rigorous scholarship and research to meet the needs of decision makers in today’s rapidly changing environments. Research findings will be accessible to policymakers and practitioners in order to help shape national and international dialogue around US-Korea relations.

International Exchange
Programming and courses will be offered to students, academicians, business professionals and others who have an interest in U.S.-Korea relations.

What is KMI?

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At the George Washington University School of Business we set the bar above the bottom line. We value profits, but on top of them, we also value how they’re made. That’s why we’re adding a new dimension to how we measure success: not just in profits and power, but also in responsibility and its integral role in shaping society. This added dimension gives us a competitive advantage. It helps us gain a better understanding of the true cost and value of our decisions, and the awareness to make them smarter moving forward. Our academic mission is to be a preeminent business school recognized for scholarly research, teaching excellence, and innovative curricula; focused on the responsible management of organizations in the global environment.

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About The Department of Management

The Department of Management supports research and teaching related to understanding the drivers of personal and organizational success. Topics of interest include organizational behavior and development, leadership, management of human resources, teams, entrepreneurship, and executive behavior. We embrace the view that management research is best conducted in an inter-disciplinary context. Our faculty publish research in top journals, focus on teaching as a core competency, serve as editors and editorial board members for a variety of journals, engage in executive education, and actively consult with multiple organizations. They are active in their professional organizations as officers, members of editorial boards, manuscript reviewers for journals, session chairs, and discussants at professional meetings. As professional educators they are committed to having a significant impact on theory and practice through research and teaching. Visit www.business.gwu.edu/department/department-of-management for more!


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