KMI Classes/Workshops

KMI will offer classes and workshops (both online and in-person) throughout the year that focus on innovative pedagogical approaches that enhance learning and student engagement as it relates to US-South Korea management development practices. Our curriculum will be designed to give participants an exposure to the essential theories and concepts for analyzing, understanding, and leading global organizations. Registration will be open to the public and also to the GWU community.

K Seminar Series

The K Seminar Series is a lecture series hosted at GWU every other month, where KMI invites a distinguished speaker to campus to talk about current issues in the US-Korea relations. The K Seminar Series will bring leading Korean scholars and business professionals together with faculty, students, business leaders and members of the wider GW global community, for a discussion on a variety of global issues. The series will encourage philosophical reflection and practical experiences on problems and opportunities regarding management development practices.

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