KMI’s main research goal is to advance and promote academic and applied research on Korean, Asian, and American/European small and medium enterprises, venture capital and private equity; and to disseminate academic and applied research and core knowledge to our constituents: University, faculty, Ph.D students, graduate and undergraduate students and alumni. In the case of Germany, there is a great deal of interest in Korea on why Germany has been able to maintain such a strong SME environment. One additional research topic might be how Korean SMEs can break out of the current limited business linkages with chaebol firms, perhaps by increasing their international links through exports, joint ventures and FDIs.

KMI’s initial goal is to conduct research focusing on small medium enterprises, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, creating shared value, innovation and the drivers of competitive success.

Topics of Research

The Role of the SME in South Korea

Advantages of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Developing Market Economies

Differences in SME-Large Enterprise Linkages in USA, Japan, Germany and South Korea

Social Entrepreneurship and Creating Shared Value

Inhibitions to SME Growth


Research Process